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Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

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Status: Customer Beta

Purpose: Improvements, Fixes

Requirements: TestFlight Acceptance

Mac App Store: Not Submitted



We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first beta of Affinity Photo 1.7.1 for iPad.

If this is your first time using a customer beta of an Affinity app, it’s worth noting that the beta will install as a separate app - alongside your store version. They will not interfere with each other at all and you can continue to use the store version for critical work without worry.

This beta is an incremental update to the 1.7 version recently released to all customers. We recommend that you use this beta in preference to the store version if you are affected by any of the issues listed below.

Affinity Photo Team  :ph34r:


Changes This Build


- Added hex colour input support.
- Added optional checkerboard backgrounds to layers panel.
- Made inpainting fast again.
- Node & Pen tool fixes / improvements.
- Gamut check works again in soft proof.
- Made custom ICC profiles work on export.
- Make split view go away when converting to a live filter.
- Fixed selection refinement working only once per document.
- Fixed posterise adjustment.
- Fixed legacy selective colour adjustments rendering wrong when they have children.
- Fixed potential crash in HSL adjustment.
- Fixed mixer brush crash.
- Fixed crash when adding a live filter when in “Edit selection as layer” mode.
- Fixed crash when dragging out assets when the document is a different colour format.
- Fixed crash when dragging documents into the home screen when there are no other documents.
- Fixed live denoise filters when repositioned in layer stack.
- Fixed weirdness with pinching out of the app.
- Fixed shadows & highlights filter.
- Help improvements.
- Localisation improvements.

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This beta only fixes the things listed above - however, we now understand the cause of the painting lag on big canvases and it will get fixed later this week in a subsequent beta :)

Files created in this beta are 100%  compatible with the 1.7 store version and may be moved between the two without issue.

To use the beta, install the Apple TestFlight app from the App Store - if you don't already have TestFlight access to Affinity, take a look at this thread: 


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