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Duda Covett

Photo 1.7.0 Crashes saving JPG

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Please, give us back the previous version! Photo 1.7.0 is not working at all!

It takes a life to merge down just 1 layer with Clarity/Unsharp/Denoise sublayers. It's not able to run Batch Job with Macro either.

I've seen so many complains in the forum about this version that you should go back to the last previous version. Hurry up!

We depend on this app to work.

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Hi Duda Covett,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
I'm sorry to know you are having trouble with the latest update. Can you please give us more information about the issues you are experiencing and if possible upload/provide the problematic files for us to check? We need to reproduce the issues to be able to fix them. 

Regarding the merge down issue specifically - do you mind attaching the file for us to check (I can provide an upload link if you which to keep the file private).

What's happens when you try to run a Batch Job with Macros? Does the program crash, does nothing? Have you tried to turn Parallel processing off? Does it happen with a specific macro or it fails even with the default ones provided with the program?

It would be also helpful if you could provide your Mac specs and macOS version.

Regarding going back to the previous version, do you have a backup/time machine backup from where you can get the app?

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