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Being able to drag crop edges instead of small crop-handles

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When using the croptool, which I really like btw, there's only one small handle on each side. At the moment I'm using this crop tool a lot at work to crop rastergraphics of screenshots. For that I start zoomed out and work my way to higher detail by zooming in.

During this proces I find myself looking for the crop handles a lot because often they are not on screen when zoomed in, so I need to grab-move the 'canvas' to search for the crop-handle. This handle is very small and in fact just a line, so it's easy to miss during this drag-move. Also while dragging, the edge and the handle aren't visible, these are only visible if we stop dragging, so everytime we need to drag a little and then stop just to see if the handle is already in view.

I often have to zoom out again, just to find the crop-handle and zoom in again, but it takes a lot of extra steps and it's not a very efficient workflow. (see video)

I understand the way it is build now is the same as for sizing and moving artboards with the artboardtool and also works like this in other tools. But for those we mostly work with vectors, so we don't need to fine-tune in high zoom values most of the time and could easily use the snapping options to snap, for example, the artboard to an object. But when we want to crop a rastergraphic snapping isn't possible, so we need to zoom in to finetune the crop and need to move the edges manually.

It would be great if we could just click and drag the whole edge!!

That way, whereever we are on the graphic and whatever zoom level, we would never have to search for that small crop-handle, we could stay at the zoom level we are in, we don't need to grab-move the 'canvas' and we could work a lot faster and keep focussing on the task of cropping.


[edit] the forum is acting strange, couldn't upload the video at first and now obviously added twice the video here, which seem to be impossible to delete by us from this WYSIWYG editor??


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BTW related to this for future reference:
The Tool Handle Size option in the preferences, which is nice!, is scaling the shape-handles, node-, corner- and probably some more tool-handles, but not the crop-tool handles:





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