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When Designer was released a couple of years ago I was totally thrilled: because of what it already was, and because of what Serif promised for the future.

Now that future has arrived. We have super strong apps for a variety of design disciplines, with Designer and Photo even working on iPads. I don't know if Publisher will go down this path, but I wouldn't mind if Serif chose to do so.

The team deserves a huge kudos for pulling off this titanic task :28_hugging:

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@fde101 I think it's fine that Affinity does not have those as of now. It would be cool to see them develop a more extensive suite down the road, but you can find decent options in those areas elsewhere, making them not as crucial for Serif to develop. However, it's far harder to completely replace InDesign, Illustrator, and especially Photoshop. I would rather see the developers focus on building their current three core softwares before branching off, since there is a lot of room for them to grow and improve.

That said, once they've done a lot of that legwork, I would like to see them move on to animation, specifically an After Effects type of workflow for animating vectors. As someone who has been doing a bunch of GUI design work the last few years, being able to animate vectors in After Effects have been a pretty essential part of creating prototypes of how menus should move and act. This is because of how Adobe has created a symbiosis between Illustrator and After Effects, which I think Serif could do even better with their current level of software symbiosis.

With the current tools available in Photo, Designer, and Publisher, as well as some proper integration between them and a new Animation Persona, you could also open up ways to do animated GIFs, webdesign prototypes, animated UI prototypes for various types of software, and of course vector (i.e. Flash/Animate) and pixel animation (i.e. TV Paint). Lots of creative possibilities. ^_^

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