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Dave Vector

1.7.0 Isometric Grid Snapping Misaligned on 2nd Artboard

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I am having issues with grid snapping in isometric view with a second artboard

  1. Create a new document Type: Web, Page Preset WXGA (1280 x 800, 16:10), Create Artboard Checked.
  2. Enable Snapping, choose only Snap to Grid.
  3. In Isometric studio, click Modify Grid... 
  4. Choose Preset: Isometric 64x32 Pixel Isometric (with Planes)
  5. In Isometric Studio, Current plane choose Top
  6. With the rectangle tool draw a rectangle.  the rectangle snaps to the isometric gridlines, as expected.
  7. If Front or Side plane is chosen, and a rectangle is drawn, snap to those grids also works as expected.
  8. Choose the Artboard tool and click on Insert Artboard in the context menu.
  9. On the new artboard, repeat steps #3 to #6, except the drawn rectangle does not snap to the gridlines anymore.

I have attached a sample file (see below the images) with the issue, created with the above steps.

Can anyone confirm they are getting the same behaviour?


Artboard 1 - Snapping Aligned.jpg

Artboard 2 - Snapping Misaligned.jpg

Second Artboard Iso Grid Snap.afdesign

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Not from Serif, but confirm that I see the same bug.

Also, discovered that I can draw Artboards on an isometric plane?! Can't decide whether this is incredible versatility, or madness?!

Win7 Ultimate x64   |   i5-3570K @ 3.4GHz   |   16 GB RAM   |   120 GB SSD   |   nVidia GTX 660 Ti   |   Huion 1060 Plus

How I make GIFs >>> ScreenToGIF (Windows only, Open Source, Portable, ~600kB)

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Hi Dave Vector,

Unfortunately this is a known issue that is with development - it treats the top left position of the whole document as to where the grid snapping occurs, and not how its been displayed. I'll get it bumped with development.

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