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I would like to use the older version

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I have been experiencing a lot of inconveniences since updating the affinity photo and designer to 1.7 on the Mac App Store three days ago.

The refine selection tool does not give as smooth a result as the previous version. You also have to click directly on the other selections in the tool icon.

It is also a problem that the program is heavy. In previous versions, I worked on raw RAW files I had taken first, and finally I could adjust the size my customers wanted, but in 1.7 it is inconvenient to work on my MacBook without first shrinking. The biggest problem is that the refine selection tool can ruin my customers' photos.

I want to go back to the previous version, but I can not because I bought it from the Mac App Store. Even if you erase the program and install the program again from the MAS. I would like to download and install the file from the affinity website, but I did not have a product key because it was a Mac App Store. What should I do?

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