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Magic Wand Antialias option

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This is the only thing for me that keeps me using my old version of Photoshop. It's so simple to use the magic wand tool on a an image with clear edges to create a good cut-out in PS, but in AD it creates a horrible jaggy edge. I see that you already support anti-alias for the freehand selection, so I'm surprised it hasn't also been added to the magic wand tool. Or is it because it's the freehand selection creates a vector selection (while drawing) and therefore easier to anti-alias the edges vs. antialiasing a pixelated selection?







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6 hours ago, Aammppaa said:

@Frozen Death Knight  Nope - that was the first thing I tried :)

You can of course hit the refine button, which will antialias / soften the edge of the wand selection, but I guess that is too slow, if you are doing it repeatedly?

Unfortunately, it doesn't produce as good of a result when compared to PS and requires lots of messing around to get it close when dealing with complex cut-outs.

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I agree, this is one of the reasons for me to not make a full transition.

When dealing with object ID passes this is an example of what we have to deal with (image borrowed from here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Ln18k ) and if the tool it doesn't do a good job out of the box, then a revision of the tool is needed.



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Actualy, it is not function as I expect... (selection antialiasing) ...

I had PS3 before i buy Affinity Photo, and I must say, is possible use it AP, but still it is not same quality as PS for everydaywork.

Standard functions which you use EVERY DAY like are magic wand or laso are more complicated and it is nightmare to use them  ...(OMG laso is like bad joke = why is not here trace-line some thin dotted line but huge blue line where is not possible to see what is behind???..and you want continue by selecting out of corner but picture is not moving automaticly if you stay by laso in the corner??? WHAT???) .....

OK, maybe background removal function or clone function or something like this is better then in PS (im my opinion), BUT thouse functions 90% of users not use every day, but selection, laso, magicwand, or else they do!


Please, do it more user friendly ..:(


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