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Dual monitor with different scaling - tool cursor image huge

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Unfortunately the following bug was not fixed in version 1.7 (


The same problem still exists with Affinity Photo 1.7 under Windows 10 1903 with Surface Book 2 (200%) and external monitor (100%).

I'm really disappointed that this bug still hasn't been fixed after over 2 years. :41_pensive:

Please solve the problem, so Affinity Photo is not usable with dual monitors.



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Hey SebaldJ,

For what it is worth—I get the same scaling issues in other apps such as Outlook or when I view the Open dialog from a number of Windows apps. I don't think this is an issue with Affinity solely but more of a Windows issue. I can open Outlook at the ribbon can be so small it is unreadable and I'll have a tiny cursor but I can then go to an Open dialog in another app and it's absolutely enormous.

Please do not see my reply as an excuse, I'm simply stating other apps can be affected. It would be nice if something can be done about this but as I said, I think the main issue is with having different scaling options set. I have never seen these scaling issues on the Mac version with Affinity.

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