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Dear Affinity community, I made my first big project in Affinity Publisher (still in beta, but pre-ordered the whole thing already :)) and have an important text-and-graphics element that uses the Contrast Negate filter.

Black text goes through the middle of a one-color vector shape. When I use RGB and the Contrast Negate filter the parts of text that are over the vector element turn white (and that's great - I specifically wanted it to happen) but after I change the document to CMYK - the white part turns grey 1f641.png I show it here on an example: http://recordit.co/s3LvL4xzfc

Is there any way to prevent it? Or is the Contrast Negate inherently flawed to do this task? How can I do it so it's in CMYK, ready for print, doesn't have to be rasterised so it doesn't loose quality, but makes the text on red background white? Is there any way beside Contrast Negate?

Pls help!

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Hi @piotrek_,

That's because CMYK black is not the same as RGB black. IN CMYK you would want to have the right total amount of ink - 300% for coated. That 300% is not "as rich" as pure RGB black, therefore you will have a different effect. If you're not worried about the amount of ink on the paper, set the CMYK values to 100 and you will have the same effect. :)



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