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Hi. I posted the same issue earlier with my NVIDIA GTX 680 which is part of the same series of graphic cards.  Yours the the mobile version whilst mines in a Mac Pro but suspect it’s the same issue.  The Affinity developers are going to look at the issue that I’ve reported.  Mine shows as v3 as I’m running High Sierra. Guessing you are running Mojave as your screenshot shows as v4?  Hope they fix this soon.

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I’ve just had a response from Affinity on the Nvidia issue that I’ve posted and they’ve replied to say that they do not support Nvidia cards at the moment (in regards to Metal acceleration). I’ve asked and they can’t confirm whether there are any plans to do so, which is a real shame. I don’t understand this distinction as the Metal API is a standard and Apple don’t make this distinction.  

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NVidia cards are not completely off our radar - the ones out there just don't really work at the moment. We use the "compute" aspect of Metal - not the "render" (games) aspect - and support for this in both the hardware and drivers for NVidia cards is flakey at best.

If we can ever get them to be stable, we will of course introduce support - but I wouldn't bank on it with the crop of Nvidia cards out there right now.

If Apple ever start using newer Nvidia cards again in modern hardware, we would expect compute support to be at the same level as Intel / AMD cards.




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Hi Andy. I appreciate you sharing these details as I was concerned that it was either an arbitrary decision or a snub on Nvidia.  I know these cards are now relatively old and whilst Apple still supports them, they’re not proactively doing so.  Nvidia have their own Cuda compute technology but I suspect that’s different to the Metal compute API and it requires Nvidia own drivers instead of Apple’s drivers for these cards.




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You have a bigger problem. The 650M card has been disabled by Apple since 2017/18, due to some disagreement about licensing between Apple and Nvidia. By now I have given up on hoping that there will ever be a resolution and an updated graphics driver that re-enables the 650M.


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