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Generally consider things generally. THINK!

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This is not a team sport.


Designers and digital creatives aren't on teams. They're mostly tool agnostic. What they know is what they use. What they use is what they know.


They are always glancing over the fence.


Numpty minded comments about the history of Indesign vs Quark don't consider two important things.


1. Adobe was already huge.

2. Adobe already owned the media.


Serif doesn't even own any mindshare.


Two more important things to consider.


1. Indesign arrived to world without social media/networking

2. There were no app stores, either.


If you want to survive the period of your investments and initial interest and the pittance of income it generates, you need to accelerate consideration of the customer an order of magnitude, and correspondingly deliver.


Adobe is already responding to changes in the market and the changes it has made to the market. This has nothing to do with you, but it's going to significantly impact your options in the market they both respond to and shape.



They might be big, lumbering and slow moving, but each step Adobe takes reverberates. Your steps don't even make the sound of a squeaking mouse.


The initial enthusiasms and promises of AD are now a memory.


Here's hoping you don't squander the AP launch press and goodwill in the same manner.




Recognise what you don't know, don't understand, don't empathise with, are not considerate of and seemingly oblivious to. And make appropriate changes to capitalise on any and all momentum available.


Don't piss away the resentment towards Adobe. Use it wisely.




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