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When accessing the original sets of video tutorials it was possible to download and save them to a hard drive for, in my instance, viewing when internet access is slow, difficult or not possible.

For the new, updated tutorial sets the download option does not seem to be available.. at least I cannot see it.

Is the option to download now ceased or will it return ?

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Hello elbingo
Like you I prefer to download tutorials for later viewing off-line. (not everyone has 24/7 internet access!)
Which tutorials specifically are you trying to download and how are you accessing the Tutorials?
On Vimeo the Official Designer tutorials can still be easily found and there is a Download button just below the videos offering different resolution options to download.
However, yes, the Photo tutorials have become a bit problematic now. The list of subject links here on the forums take you to YouTube now. So to get them down from YouTube I use ‘MacX YouTube Downloader’ (other apps are available)
Before that list of individual tutorial links there is another link that takes you to the Affinity website where they can also be found and watched but as you say “sans” download option!
I preferred it when they were all on Vimeo.

macOS 10.14.5  15" Macbook Pro, 2017  |  4 Core i7 3.1GHz CPU  |  Radeon Pro 555 2GB GPU + Integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 1.536GB  |  16GB RAM  |  Wacom Intuos4 M

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Thank you Mark, I have previously accessed and downloaded the Vimeo tutorials from a Windows desktop ( Affinity Photo ), our broadband service is pretty poor and having access from an internal hard drive has been very helpful.

I have most of the original tutorials downloaded, so it will be the newer or updated tutorials which I was hoping to be able to add to the originals.

It is very useful to be able to quickly skip to and fro between tutorial and AP to practice the techniques demonstrated, not always practical though when the broadband service is playing up.... which is pretty often.

Fingers crossed the option to download the tutorials might, at some point, be available.

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