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Option to force all selection types to “constrained” to eliminate shift modifier guess work

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I would love to see an option that forces all resize selections to constrain without using shift modifier rather than the way it is now where resize constraint varies depending on selection.

Current workflow is something like (off the top of my head, might not be 100% accurate)

  • Image selected = constrained; use shift modifier to break
  • Multiple images selected = unconstrained, use shift modifier to force.
  • Single vector layer = unconstrained, use shift to force
  • Group of layers = constrained, use shift modifier to break
  • multiple groups of layers selected = unconstrained, use shift modifier to force

The problem with this is that when selecting objects on canvas , I might be grabbing a variety of the above so I always have to closely watch ratios to make sure nothing gets skewed. I need items unconstrained maybe 5% of the time, thus the option to just force constraint with shift to unconstrain ALL no matter selection would be highly beneficial.


Thanks for the great work with 1.7! 



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