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[Duplicate][AD] Keyboard shortcut settings don't show difference between left and right Alt

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During configuration of shortcuts to use a Wacom dial to rotate canvas I found this issue:

* In the settings shortcuts panel both left and right Alt-keys on the keyboard are displayed as 'Alt', so there is no way to see the difference between the two
* But the actual keyboard shortcut is in reality indeed bound to the left OR the right Alt key.

Looking in the interface it looks like both 'Rotate Left' and 'Rotate Right' are bound to the same shortcut (Alt+2), but in fact the first one is bound to AltLeft-2 and the second to AltRight+2. Affinity Photo knows this, because it doesn't show warning symbols to indicate a keyboard shortcut is already in use (it shows the regular clear-buttons):

This is confusing and error-prone. It would be better if the interface shows AltRight and AltLeft instead for the alt-keys OR the software should treat both ALT-keys as the same (which I personally prefer and would expect).

(I posted this in the Photo AND the Publisher beta bug forums too, because it's happening in all three programs. It's probably the same codebase, but just to be shure posted this in all three forums)


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