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what is that state of unresolved issues in 1.7 RC2 (or earlier), will they be worked on in 1.7.x branch or will they be forgotten?

"I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK, I sleep all night, and I work all day..."

Amature camera user, Adobe avoider. Still missing: HLS improvements, Raw development with sidecars, Gradient list in gradient layer/tool. Do want: Liquefy as Layer.

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We are still working through tickets, but essentially....Any reported bugs that were acknowledged by staff are still with the developers. Any reported bugs (from more than say a week ago) that seem to have been missed (not replied to) could do with a nudge by posting back in the thread please, or you can make a new thread in the bugs forum. Thanks for asking

Patrick Connor

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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