The update and changes to how the pen tool works have rendered it almost completely unusable for me. The way I work is to draw out a shape quickly with the pen tool, as seen in the bird I have attached, and then I use the pen tool on the node to quickly round the shape out. Now, in order to accomplish a task I could do easily with a single brush, I have to click on each and every node I want to use the pen tool on to reshape and the process takes twice as long at minimum. I know there are cool new ways to hold down the mouse button to pre-draw curves but I don't think like that. I can't pre-plan in my head what I need every single curve to look like before I draw it. I really, really need the ability to shape curves on the fly using the pen tool. It is quite literally a situation where I will not be able to do my work because of this change. I hope this is one of those situations where I just didn't click on the right button before drawing or something, but I have been through all the guides and tutorials on 1.7 and see no way to use the pen tool the old way.