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Hi, while I'm not on the beta, cryptomatte is a feature, I would really appreciate for postproduction of renderings. Would implementing this be possible?

For those who don't know this, it's a render output in exr format, that holds masks for all the objects/materials/special tags for the entire scene and is starting to become the standard for post-production in softwares like Nuke or Fusion, it's also become available for Photoshop users thanks to the EXR-IO plugin recently.

It would be great to have this in Affinity Photo as well.



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Making use of Cryptomatte in affinity would be fantastic. Also for affinity 2.0 the option of a node based workflow like in nuke / natron / fusion / blender would be a dream as well. Several render layers and Cryptomatte masks are a lot easier to handle with nodes. It's much more comfortable to itterate and compare looks, because one can simply add or disconnect a whole node tree. That way old work can be kept and always come back to, if one approach turns out to go the wrong direction. It's the main reason why I do most of my 3D compositing currently in blender.

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Exr-io does not seem to be recognized by Affinity Photo so far though :/.



It seems that because Affinity Photo does not have an SDK its not possible to create complex import tools which go deep into image formats or data management.

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