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Suggestion for PSD path work around.

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We are going to through the process of figuring out how to transition from PS to AP.  We are a catalog company that have a few thousand images that ave clipping paths saved inside the PSD or tiff files that we use in Indesign as silhouettes images. Basically the path is used as a mask that Indesign recognizes. These curves remain live so they are editable for edge refinement and repositioning.

Am I clear in the understanding there is no way for curves to make the leap from PS to AP? The forum thread I found that talked about this issue was from 2016. I didn't know if the status of this has changed.

I did try the shape layer approach, but this still does not leave me with curves. They PS shape layer comes in as a color fill.  Maybe my approach was wrong. The color fill would work if I was able to turn my selection into curves, but I know that is not currently possible.

As a side note: Affinity photo is able to turn curves into selections, but can not turn a selection into a curve. I always thought that was strange. I know auto trace...its on the roadmap....

Recreating all of those paths in all those files is not a real viable or cost effective solution for us.

I am open to any workflow suggestions anyone can offer.


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Thank you MEB for the quick reply.

Yes, Clipping path to vector mask is something I can totally automate within PS to save out a file that I can use in the AP.

Thank you for that solution. That will totally work..Awesome! 

We don't typically use vector masks within our spreads because indesign does not call for it when masking out a background. We just use the clipping path. I guess Adobe has made us lazy in that respect.  Actually adding a vector mask makes the file more useful rather than relying on the inner-workings between PS and ID. In the long run the vector mask is a better workflow.

Great example of how Adobe's workflow differs from Affinity's better approach to get same desired result.



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