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Why is using Resize Canvas to add a simple 1 inch border around an image so freakingly difficult?


In Photoshop:


Cmd/Opt/C to Resize Canvas

Select "Inches" (which will be remembered!)

Click on "Relative" (which will be remembered!)

Press Tab to highlight Width and enter amount

Press Tab to highlight Height and enter amount

Center the Anchor (which will be remembered!)


And I can do that over and over again, adding successive individually-sized borders with different colors!


In APhoto, if there is an equally easy method….or one that is even close….I have not found it in any of the hoops I've jumped through.  The lock is in no way comparable to "Relative" because it will not add the same amounts to both sides.  The only thing I've found that works dependably is to unclick the lock and add the same number of pixels to both W & H.  

That will work for one layer and filling that border with the desired color is no problem.  But whether I add a new layer or use the same layer or duplicate the original background layer, adding the same amount of pixels to the unlocked Width and Height results in the top and left sides of the first resized layer being increased and the whole layer positioned to the upper left.  The new background is added to the Bottom and Right sides.


What am I doing wrong, if it's me?  And if it's not, will the Resize function ever be improved to be as easy as Photoshop's?

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Okay, thanks for responding so promptly.  At least now, I can stop beating my head against the wall and, for now, just take an image back to Photoshop if I want to add a border/s.  I really hope that when Affinity does work on the Resize issue that they come up with something as fast and easy…and repeatable…as Photoshop's method. I'm thinking they prolly will. They'd done so much other stuff that equals or exceeds PS that I don't think they're likely to do less in this area. :)

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