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Selecting nodes?

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Hello, I just got the new version of Affinity Designer for the iPad but I cant seem to get node selection to work. You used to be able to select a node, then press and hold with your other finger to select more nodes. Now it seems there is a lasso mode is the way your ment to select them? That two fingers creates the lasso and 3 changes it mode.

This works all right for the first selection but if you go to select more objects to the same selection it seems to play down a dot that creates a allways on lasso, you can connect the lines together to finish the lasso but it dose not seem to add that selection to the all ready selected nodes (like if you where to do the lasso normally) 

EDIT: The issue on the lasso node being placed seem to happen when you use two fingers to create the lasso then with the 3rd finger to change the mode to add pressing that 3rd finger on the selection creates the lasso node

I’ve attached a video:

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I figured out how to use it (I was just using it wrong)

@DM1 the reason for this is there are two ways to select nodes now. 

First way:

Press and hold two fingers on the screen and then draw a shape (continue to hold two finger to deselect nodes or let go of one or both fingers to add, once you stop drawing you have made a selection, you can then repeat the same step to either add more nodes to the selection or remove some.


Second way:

The second way is to press and hold two fingers on the display then click once with the apple pencil (not draw like the first version), this will then then allow you to have a always on screen selection. Once you made the selection you want connect the end with with start point (like if you where using the pen tool to create a shape)

Here is a video to show what Im talking about.

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