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PDF Export to Kindle Hyperlink bug

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In the process to format a Kindle ebook for Amazon I ran into a hyperlink issue that I can not solve.

An exported PDF from the lastest Pub .376 is imported into Kindle Create and shows extra links area. Lines that would normally be under just the chosen words extend beyond. These red lines are in the screen cap. This is a preview Kindle page.

Example: Note how red lines for Midland MTB Club extend left under Local Clubs - and to the next line under Access - Drive north of.

This hyperlink should only be under Midland MTN Club.

And I can not find a workaround...stuck

Ideas, fixes?  Dan



Kindle red link lines.JPG

Master page hyperlink Kindle bug.pdf


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The afpub file you have attached appears to be truncated and isn't loading for me, want to try uploading it here and I'll take a look? 

You might be able to fix these by clearing all formatting around hyperlinks, then removing and re-applying the hyperlink but i'll know more when I can see the file.


Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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