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Problem with the new direct noise filter

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Good evening, everyone,

 I am sending you this message because since the Affinity update to 1.7 the noise filter options panel has been completely modified. As a result, I no longer have access to the extreme features I used in many of my paid tutorials!:51_scream:
This is a real problem for me, especially since when I open my old Affinity files, double-click on my noise filter the old settings panel is present and the values can be changed. 

So my question is the following, can we still access the old dialog box and if so how?  Heeeeelllp

Thank you in advance

Old direct noise filter.JPG

New direct noise filter.JPG

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Hi Lugi,

Welcome to the forums :) 

Unfortunately there is no way to revert this tool back to the old one.



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A suggestion - don't know if it will work as I can't test it myself…

  1. Open the (new to 1.7) Assets studio, and add a new category.
  2. Select the Live Denoise Filter in the Layer panel of one of your existing documents.
  3. Create a new asset from selection, and rename it Old Denoise Filter

This should add the old denoise filter as an asset which you can drag into future documents.

Of course this only helps you, and not anyone following your tutorials!?

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Thank you very much for this tip Aammppaa, it works!
In addition, the settings can be changed after the event, since the old dialog box is now available. This is amazing. Thank you again!!!!

For the people who follow my tutorial, your method also works, I just have to create the asset and export it. I provide them with the file in".afassets" and all that remains is to import and apply it.


Thank you, thank you :8_laughing:

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