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Dodge & Burn Brush Tools Not Working

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I am finding that neither the Dodge Brush Tool nor the Burn Brush Tool function at all for me. Simply nothing happens when I attempt to use them. I've adjusted the opacity and size and even tried using them within a selected area and then without any specific selection active. Just giving you a heads up! But, I think you guys definitely are on to something and I am very glad to see something so compatible to Photoshop at a price that everyone can afford, so thanks!   :D

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Hi Kimmylikins and welcome :)


The image will need to be rasterised for the Dodge & Burn Brush Tools to work. Try selecting your Image from the Layers Pane and go to Layer > Rasterise...


If you still have problems using the tools, please attach the image you're working on to your reply :)

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