Can no longer edit from the apple Photos app with Affinity.  Edits work correctly with "" and ""\ My Workflow Steps Launch Photos Open Finder to "Pictures/Photo Library.photoslibrary/private/" Import Images (.jpeg, or .jpeg + raw) Select Image right click select "edit with" select "Affinity" Switch to Affinity leaving the finder window open Modify Image (crop, exposure) press "command-S to Save" view Finder Window press "command-W to Close" View Finder Window Activate Photos EXPECTED RESULT Step 5) Temporary folder created with .jpeg or .tiff and visible in Finder
Step 7) Modification data and preview on temporary file updated and visible in Finder
Step 8) Temporary file disapears in Finder
Step 9) After a short delay the modified image appears in Photos ACTUAL RESULT Step 9) Modifications NEVER make it to Apple's Photos apps. ALTERNATE Remediation tried with out effect: reboot computer rebuilding photos library editing photo with Preview (which works all the steps the same if preview is replace with affinity until Step #9 where I get the expected result), reverting changes and trying with Affinity reinstalling affinity from download