In the past few years, I have posted a number of Macros for anyone who wants them. Some have been more widely downloaded than others. With the release of version 1.7, however, I have found that a number of them are using Adjustment Layers that have been updated by Serif. The macros now contain a step invoking the "legacy" version of the adjustment which , once the macro completes, is then automatically updated to the new version. So far, so good. But, version 1.7 puts up a notification stating that the adjustment has been updated, and this notification appears each and every time the macro is invoked. Even though the notification eventually goes away on its own, it's certainly an eyesore if you use the macros more than sporadically. Bummer. So, I am attaching updated versions of the macros that have been affected by this change. These include the Infrared Simulation Effect as well as the more-recently posted Saturation Mask macros. They are labelled as "v1.1" macros, since they have been re-coded with the new versions of the adjustments. Additionally, minor changes were made to the Infrared macro such that all the added layers are contained within a Group (which can be easily turned on or off with a single click). Both of these are attached to this post, and can be downloaded here. They are macro categories and therefore should be imported into the Library panel (not directly into the Macros panel). You can feel free to delete the older versions, although those older macros will still work - they will just give you the "nag screen" each time they are invoked. For reference, here are links to the original posts for both sets of macros: Infrared Simulation: Saturation Masks: Please enjoy the updated macros. Infrared Simulation v1.1.afmacros Saturation Masks v1.1.afmacros