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Since you can draw to scale in Designer; it would be great to have a dimension command with extension lines, arrows and text.

I design furniture and refuse to pay a monthly rental fee to Autodesk. I will never do subscription software. I have been using Designer with some success. The lack of dimensioning is a hinderance.

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I am also held back from switching to A-D due to the lack of dimensioning features.

I am stuck with the outdated A-Illustrator CS6 with the Hotdoor cad tools plug in.

 I don't dare to update to new OSX. The net says it won't be compatible with my Adobe CS6 apps and sketchup 2015 Pro. I use those apps on daily basis.

Hope either Hotdoor or AFFinity can include such feature in the nearest future.

I would never go for subscription softwares either. cheers!

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