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UI values – 1 for more than 1

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For various selected objects AfPub always reports only 1 specific value per property.

That value is sometimes - but not always - just taken of the first selected item, in case of cmd-a it isn't.

That way AfPub gives definitely wrong information for some objects. font size, ... or color.


2 objects, 2 fills  > 1 color – version A + B:




Text size – version A & B:




Text – color & size & tracking:



Last but not least,
Text size – image frame:


macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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Someone else brought this up recently, and I do think it would be better to either show nothing as the value, or some sort of indication like "mixed." I don't think it is a necessarily a bug, but it is not the ideal design in my opinion.

Can anyone suggestion why the current implementation is better than simply showing "mixed" or something similar?

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On 5/31/2019 at 3:51 PM, garrettm30 said:

I don't think it is a necessarily a bug

If a software reports 1 wrong value for 2 (or more) selected items then it is a bug - what else?
An unnecessary bug if you are aware that for identical situations it does not appear at other spots in the UI already.

Obviously the developers have an idea already how to visualize such conflicting input/output: Compare in Character Panel the font name and style text field: it simply shows NO value in case of conflicting inputs. Also the value in brackets (...) [...] and the  greyed out value  is used already in the UI in various panels to show that value as not to be real true so-to-say. – Or compare font size in character panel (< one value) vs. main menu bar (< no value).

In this way showing  no value  does appear more true than showing 1 wrong value.
Even 1 specific value but in (brackets) or  Gray  would be less wrong or confusing than the momentary solution.

macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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Hi both,

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

I've logged one as an improvement (having 2 colours selected) and one as a bug (not having the size blank - This only seems to affect Mac and not Windows)



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