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I am trying to reorder the panels to my usage. I am able to resize every studio panel by height except text frame and table.

Every panel I can resize in height, if too small a scrollbar appears, but on those two named above the height equals the content.
I just can minimize or open the subtopics in them and the panel height changes correspondingly.

I would be happy if every studio panel woul work in the same manner. Either scrollable or correspondand to content.

Primary: Windows 10 Pro 1903 / Intel Core i7-8750H @ 2.20 GHz / 32 GB RAM/ GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q
Secondary: os x mojave / imac 2017

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7 minutes ago, GabrielM said:

Hi both,

Sorry for the delayed reply. We are aware of this and it has already been logged with our developers. 



While we're on the topic of panels, would it be possible to allow the user to toggle move all floating panels from screen to screen while keeping their positions if you have multiple monitors? It's not completely uncommon for me to move stuff from my Cintiq to my main screen when recording stuff, since my GTX 980 card only records from the main screen using ShadowPlay.

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One other thought - it would be really handy if you could save the positions of the various panels etc. On the last update of Photo all the panels went back to the defaults and it took ages to get them all back how I like them. :/

(I know this this thread is about Publisher, but I think this what we're talking about should apply to all the Affinity apps.)

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