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@MEB: hum, wait? :unsure:


MEB commented on the AD logo background first - then carried on hmm, wait, it's *all* good!  B) Meaning the foreground is as well. :D

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Hello Kristina, hello MEB - thank you! For my vector illustrations AD is excellent, I love working with it. Especially the Pen Tool is great! I mentioned it already? No matter ;-) It's still exciting for me to work with AD. Please share my work, if you like it ♡.

Illustration & Grafik bodobe.de

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Absolutely stunning work! Thanks for sharing......



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Here's the latest work in the gallery, hope you like this illustration and thanks for sharing ;)

Regarding the upcoming wedding, I'd like to do your invite cards and table settings. LOL


As for artwork, two words spring to mind Lynx Deodorant. 


Seriously though, do a mockup for their current male grooming product...i.e one that you like the most. Then use this strap line as a piece of copy: Smell like Adonis and delight the angels.


A client like Unilever/Lynx just loves a bit of tongue in cheek: just Google Lynx Boost towel boy, to see why.


You never know it might just work.


LYNX is also known as AXE.

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