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How do I export a PDF with all grouped objects converting in curves?

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Hello people; me again

I'm exporting this file to PDF via Affinity Designer and some of the objects (which are grouped together) end up being converted as image, not as objects with curves. When I leave them separate before exporting the PDF, however, they are read correctly as curves.
In the other software I use, when I export the PDF, even to the grouped object, the file is generated with it in objects in curves.

Are there any Affinity settings I did not get or will I have to separate everything before exporting to PDF?

Attached the original file and the two versions of PDF

CANCELAS BEROLA_ FINAIS-afnfile-test1-with-grouped-objects.pdf

CANCELAS BEROLA_ FINAIS-afnfile-test1-with-separeted-objects.pdf


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The problem doesn't come from the groups, but from the shadow effects, that don't exist in PDF, that's why they are rasterized when exported as PDF.

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