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I know there are Nuke and other expensive video compositing soft but why wouldn't we have a nice set of tools  in a  simple image editor. I mean not for movies but just for a trivial image composing.  Especially considering  a usual photo is going to get depth channel  as something pretty trivial too soon.    The things that would help to make  collages of photos and computer generated images.  It all is perfectly possible  just needs a few small touches  to make it lesser of a pain in the..     

1.  "Link related" /moving /scaling/rotating  checkbox for sets of special layers involved in depth compositing calculations whatever parent each of those layers has.  

I offer it for layers marked by same color for example.    Similar to "lock children" checkbox. It would help immensely to be sure a depth based compositing  is always working right and you wouldn't mess it accidentally with  a resulting "live" calculated mask for a certain object not following it anymore  because some part of the mask stack had to be parented to another layer

2.  Mask stacks  with embedded docs still having 'edit" and "replace"  buttons . Now I have to complicate my layer stack by having a redundant copies of such docs to keep them all linked.  See point one.

3.  Mask from "cryptomatte" AOV pass all modern renderer do.    I know I could use "black and white" to make a mask from a certain color automatically but it just not always working as easy and simple as it should be,  especially with cryptomatte kind of images where object or material ID colors often have very subtle spectral difference.  I tried with LUT filter but it really could be something  more straight forward  like "ID mask" or something


ps, I don't ask to make AP a full scale 2d composer with ability to re-light and re-texture  CG elements  or do complex camera  matching calculations ,  just something basic  that would calculate mask dynamically for proper compositing and color tweaking






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