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I have come across a couple of anomalies which are different to Page Plus, as I have not worked in any Adobe products I am not sure if they are intended, request features or I have not yet found them. They are things I have found useful in Page Plus

I quite often load a previous design into either program (PPX9 or AFPub) with the intent of replacing elements to update or move them to another area in the design. In  PPX I can place the elements any where on the canvas and switch between pages. In AFPub I can only drag elements to the left or right of the design, if placed below the items disappear and if you go completely below the line you cannot see them to get them back once the highlight is removed.


The other feature I have used in PPX is sizing boxes to the same size as the last one selected and I cannot see this as a tool in AFPub? This may be a bit of OCD on my part but I like to keep elements sized and inline for various reasons





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Hi @AlanPickup,

Affinity Publisher is not meant to be like Pageplus. 

You cannot place images outside the canvas top-bottom as this will overlap and appear in front of a multi-page document. So this is by Design. 

The second tool is not implemented in Publisher. 



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