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Lens Correction and Canon 20D

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I'm not sure, if it's a bug or simply because the camera it's to old, but the 20D with any lens (even newer) won't be identified by the new lens correction filter nor the lens correction within the develop person. Both camera and lenses can be manually selected within the filter, but just not automatically.

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The LensID in your exif is "unknown" so we cannot automatically detect it. I've tried a few other RAW engines and they all failed to open it, which is expected. 

---- Composite ----
Aperture                        : 7.1
Drive Mode                      : Single-frame Shooting
ISO                             : 200
Image Size                      : 3504x2336
Lens                            : 17.0 - 55.0 mm
Lens ID                         : Unknown 17-55mm


Not a bug with our software, but perhaps an issue with your camera/lens

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