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Improved Pattern Making and Tool

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The feature I dream for is a more robust pattern making tool, like what Illustrator has, only better in the way that Serif would make it ;) 

I do a lot of clothing design and really miss having Illustrator's pattern tool... A LOT. Not being able to easily make repeating patterns is a major bummer. And yes I know how to make symbols and tile them, but it's clunky and not an intuitive method. Plus I think it's far more processor intensive to do it that way than a smart pattern interface would be.

With the addition of something like that, I could certainly move my whole art department over!


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I haven't yet switched over from Illustrator to AD, simply because I know that Designer lacks this feature. The ability to use the pattern tool as well as creating pattern swatches that could be used as a fill and then be scaled and moved with one tool is crucial and as long as that isn't possible in Designer, most pattern designers will stay with Illustrator in spite of Designer being a great program in every other way...

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