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I have an original iPad Pro 12.9 inch running the current version of Designer ( and iOS12.3.

this problem is repeatable; it happens right after I reboot the iPad.

I open Designer, create a new document, add one polygon shape, and try to export and share it.

As soon as I select “Save Image”, Designer crashes and nothing is saved.

this happens whether or not I first export the document as a JPG (which does work).

if I want the document in my Photos library, I have to export it as a JPG to my iCloud account, then use the Files app to save the document to the Photos library.


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Well, I’m afraid I don’t know how, but it’s fixed..  I’m pretty sure I got out of Designed completely and restarted it.  I did not restart my iPad.  In any event, the next time I tried it, it worked fine.

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