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JPEG with clipping mask looses pixel information on save, but no on export

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We frequently edit JPEG files and apply rough clipping paths to isolate things from the background:

  1. Draw path
  2. Click the "Mask" button in the upper left
  3. cmd+s for in-place saving

When I now re-open the file, the background parts of the picture, outside my path, are gone, replaced with the background color. This means, that I can't do any refinement to my clipping path.

If I replace step 3 by export with activated clipping option, the background layer is saved as it was and the clipping path can be altered without loss.

This is a workaround, but requires us to re-link the new file in the layout. Especially in the workflow with our editorial system, this really annoying. And not necessary when using Photoshop.

Requirement: Offer the possibility to save in-place like when exporting with clipping path option.

0 original Rose.jpg1 Step 1.png2 Step 2.png3 Export Options.png4 exported Rose.jpg

5 Save Dialog.png6 saved Rose.jpg

7 Editing Exported Picture.png

8 Editing Saved Picture.png

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