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6 hours ago, MikeW said:

Here's another try. I removed the word "Pantone" as it is redundant anyway.

CMYK Color values are part of the Name.


you read my mind, it was what I was trying to do.

Listen, can you generate the file this way?
I think it's visually better.

E 1-1   (C:0 M:5 Y:100 K:0)

between 1-1 and the parenthesis "("
there are 3 spaces


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See also these online tools related to PMS colors:

  1. RGB to Pantone
  2. CMYK to Pantone (coated color)
  3. CMYK to Uncoated PMS (uncoated color)
  4. CMYK to RGB (CMYK, RGB, HEX color code converter)
  5. CMYK to HEX (CMYK, HEX, RGB color code converter)
  6. RGB to HSV (RGB, HSV, HSL, HEX color code converter)
  7. Find PMS color on an image (Logo color picker)
  8. Image color picker (CMYK, RGB, HEX)
  9. Search PMS color code

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On 5/24/2019 at 3:51 AM, v_kyr said:

Here are converted versions of your above "PANTONE 4-COLOR PROCESS (COATED).acb" and "PANTONE 4-COLOR PROCESS (UNCOATED).acb" files.

  1. I've converted that acb2xml prog over to OS X (Unix) and then used that in order to generate the Pantone XML files.
  2. I've written a small prog which then converts the for you relevant XML portions (via a customizable SLT stylesheet file) over into a CSV delimited text file.

Note however, that I didn't sorted any of the color entries during the ACB -> CSV conversion processes. So the generated CSVs look like this ...

In case you need the prog to convert those Pantone color XML files into CSV yourself let me know.

Thanks for all the work! I just can't find how I can add the .csv to Affinity (on mac)

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It worked now. I just didn't see a folder but I saw now that you can right click the Affinity Designer icon and select "show package contents". Then you can indeed paste the file in the folder you specified. 

I also sorted the CSV alphabetically so you'll find the pantone swatches easily.

Thanks everyone for the help!


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1 hour ago, stef Krokro said:



I'm really new on Affinity, sorry

I need to find solid coated pantone of the selected color.

where can i find it please?


Capture d’écran 2021-11-01 à 11.00.55.png



You'll find the pantone color under the swashes tab.


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