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Can I specify Pantone colors?

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Sorry if this has been asked but couldn’t seem to get a definitive answer searching for it…

Can I use Pantone colors on Affinity Photo on iPad?

Many thanks in advance


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You can use Pantone colours but you have to search for them visually instead of being able to type in a name. Open the Colour Studio, tap on the ‘Swatches’ link at the bottom, and then choose the Pantone category you want.


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I too want to use the Pantone Colours - there’s a set of 15 of them for this year.

I tried to import them in the form of an Adobe Swatch Exchange file, but that failed, and then I saw some comments that led me to believe that functionality is not available in AD for iPad (Word of caution: I’m very new to Affinity, so I could easily be mistaken about the functionality in AD for iPad).  I’ve seen discussions on this topic that suggest photographing the swatches, but I don’t favour that approach because parts of that pathway are not color managed.  I guess it also depends on how accurate you need/want to be.

So I went to Photoshop, created a JPG with 15 squares (and an embedded color profile), imported that into AD, and created an Application Swatch from it.

I now believe that what I did had an interesting side effect, because the ProPhoto profile is available in AD.  I guess AD grabbed it when I created the Application Swatches. Can someone from Serif confirm my inference?

I also discovered that if you display the swatches in list form, you can edit the names, so I added the Pantone names to the RGB values that are the standard name in AD.



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