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What does Memory Efficiency in the Info panel represent?

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I am having difficulty understanding what Memory Efficiency in the Info Panel represents. 

On modest documents this can read as high as 5616%. How can anything be more than 100% efficient?

On huge mega documents that make AP really struggle this has plunged to as low as  -2147483648% which seems a completely ludicrous and meaningless figure.

So please what exactly does Memory Efficiency represent?

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One of the developers, Andy Somerfield, explains here:



Memory Pressure is actually the one you are looking for - once it hits 100%, it means Photo is using the disk..

Memory Efficiency is simply a measure of how well Photo is managing to remove redundancy internally (ie. clone a pixel layer - efficiency will increase - until you start editing pieces of the cloned layer, etc. etc.)


I'm guessing the value, -2147483648%, you're receiving is wrong. I will log this with the developers to see why you're getting this. 

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Thanks Leigh. That's clear(ish).

I'd sort of guessed the Pressure which is why I was asking about Efficiency.

Efficiency sounds like one of those figures of more significance to developers than users. Probably useful if I ever have to come here trying to troubleshoot a memory problem. o.O

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