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Pixel Tool Protect Alpha

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Hi MousePods,

It is missing from the iPad version, the help you linked to is for the Desktop version of Affinity.

I'll get this logged as myself and QA can't see why it would be missing.  Hopefully this is something the Dev team can get added 

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Hi guys, I know this is a little off topic, but I need a primer about what “Protect Alpha” means, and how it becomes necessary.  Is this peculiar to vector work?  I think I understand the basics about Alpha.  Can you refer me to any material I can read on this topic, please?



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Hi Lionel,
You will find this option in some pixel tools (Paint Brush Tool, Pixel Tools). It simply protect the alpha from being touched/painted. For example create a new pixel layer, select the Paint Brush Tool, set the color to Red and paint a medium filled circle in the middle of the document. Now change the colour to Blue, tick Protect Alpha in the context toolbar and paint over the red circle you draw earlier making sure you cross its boundaries. Notice the tool only paints inside the previous area painted in Red. The transparent area around it is not touched by the Blue colour you are painting with. That what Protect Alpha does - it doesn't let you touch/paint on non-painted/transparent areas.

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