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[] Weird touch related bug.

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Not 100% sure if this is an issue with photo or my iPad.

I only see the issue in photo though and have no other touch related issues in other apps or iOS

I find that when using Apple Pencil (maybe with fingers too, never tried) the touch point on screen seems to lock in a random area so when I place the pencil on the screen I will end up with a random line.

This seems to happen more when I'm making a selection, refining a selection or editing a mask but it has happened in other areas too. I've noticed that when I have show touches enabled I get a random blue touch circle appear, it than just gets stuck on the screen.

I'm on the latest beta but I've also seen this in the App Store version, its just happening a lot more with the current beta.

11" iPad Pro running iOS 12.3 with Apple Pencil 2

I've uploaded a couple of images that show the blue touch dot that indicates touch. I'm not touching the screen at that point its been there about 20 mins.




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This has been happening to me a lot in the beta and normally near the context bar as you've pictured. So far I haven't been able to find a solid recipe and it always seems to happen when I'm either not paying attention or I'm on autopilot and I'm quickly doing something... 

Thanks for reminding me—I'll spend some time today trying to get the recipe down for dev.

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