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[Bug] Arrange Move to Front / Back with Symbols

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1. Draw an object
2. Convert it into a symbol
3. Duplicate the symbol twice
4. Drag the instances so that each one partially overlaps the other two, so that we can see the stacking order
5. For ease of visualisation, Un-sync and rename the instances 1, 2, 3 (optionally give them a unique colour too)
6. Play with the stacking order using either Layer > Arrange or keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+Shift+ [ etc)

Result: Is a mess!

The stacking order seems to be an attribute of the symbol, which causes all sorts of unusual behaviour, including…

  • The keypress does nothing.
  • The keypress moves the object to the wrong position in the layer stack.
  • If the symbol if a group of objects only some of them move.

Affinity BUG Symbols Move to Front.afdesign

Win7 Ultimate x64   |   i5-3570K @ 3.4GHz   |   16 GB RAM   |   120 GB SSD   |   nVidia GTX 660 Ti   |   Huion 1060 Plus

How I make GIFs >>> ScreenToGIF (Windows only, Open Source, Portable, ~600kB)

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