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Behaviour change: Renaming symbols

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@Sean P

With reference to my earlier post… 

The behaviour regarding symbol names seems to have changed.

1. Create a shape
2. Make it into a symbol
3. Duplicate the symbol a number of times
4. Rename one instance of the symbol

Result: All instances of the symbol adopt the new name.

5. Rename the symbol via the Symbols Panel

Result: none of the symbol instances are renamed.

6. Drag several instances of the symbol from the Symbol Panel to the canvas
7. Rename one of the new instances

Result: all of the new instances are renamed, but not the original set of symbols.


Update: Mouse over tool-tip now shows "Name" as something that can be un-synced with symbols, so I guess that this is 'by design'?

However, if that is the case then the behaviour seems inconsistent to me. Renaming the symbol in the Symbols Panel should update the name of all instances where the Name property has not been un-synced.

Also, this is the only property that can be un-synced without first toggling the Sync button in the panel. This is good from ease of use perspective, but is inconsistent with default behaviour.


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I believe this is an undocumented change in AD Beta. AFAIK this was already there, I've already observed this behavior. I didn't install beta 331 yet.

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