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[Minor Bug] Ghost object on New Document when object isolated

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  1. Create a new document
  2. Draw any object
  3. Isolate the object by Alt+Click in the Layers Panel
  4. Create another new document

Result: The shape that was isolated appears on the canvas of the new document.

It is only a ghost, not actually present in the layers panel, and vanishes once the user interacts on the canvas.

Discovered in AD, doesn't happen in AD

Win7 Ultimate x64   |   i5-3570K @ 3.4GHz   |   16 GB RAM   |   120 GB SSD   |   nVidia GTX 660 Ti   |   Huion 1060 Plus

How I make GIFs >>> ScreenToGIF (Windows only, Open Source, Portable, ~600kB)

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I can comfirm this.
It looks like that the shape will be copied to the new document without a layer and with a mouseclick on it, it disappears.

Win 10 Home Edition    AP    AD    APUB     ...and the current Beta´s

Have a nice day.

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