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v Linking PSD resource damages document

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I have a pre- Publisher file containing a linked, multilayered PSD file. In the Resource Manager the resource shows up as “image_1.tif“ instead of the original PSD file with a non-generic name. Seems like Publisher exchanged the multilayer PSD file with an embedded, flattened one.

Now, when I replace this embedded .tif-file with the original PSD, save and close, the Publisher document becomes corrupted and can’t be opened anymore.

Update: Same result when I replace the embedded resource with a PSD file manually with ”Replace Document“ in the context toolbar.

Update 2: Seems to be logged already. Apologies.

Update 3: When I place the multilayered PSD separately, delete the embedded one and then save, the document is just fine and can be reopened after closing.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-17 um 13.31.40.png

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