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Art board issue when opening EPS file in Adobe Illustrator

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Hi everyone! Hope you're having a fantastic Friday so far. 

So I'm seeing a strange issue after exporting EPS files from AD on my iPad. After moving the EPS file to my Mac I upload them to Shutterstock where they get flagged for an art board issue. Specifically I get "Vector is overlapping artboard bounds or is too small on the artboard, or there is more than one artboard in the file.". After reading this I opened them in Adobe Illustrator (free trial, I'm not paying for it.) and Indeed the art board is the wrong size. Now I had seen a post for AD on the desktop where people are having the same issue and according to the post I can fix this by choosing the 'Micro Stock' preset in the export settings, which I don't think exists on my iPad. 

So any suggestions? Am I just exporting them wrong maybe?

I've attached a few screen shots of what I'm seeing



Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 1.40.58 AM.png

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