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Suggestion: Search and replace in specific location

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Agree +1

Though it has been requested already – It still is quite disturbing if one wants to replace just a few, particular occurences of the found results. That can be both time consuming and risky if in the list an unwanted result gets replaced.

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9 hours ago, fde101 said:

story (series of linked frames)

I hope that would already become covered by the option "Text Frame" (possibly named "text elements" in the topic). In case you rather want to search within one frame only of a linked series the option "Selection" would work.

macOS 10.14.6, MacBookPro Retina 15" + Eizo 27"

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+1 from me!

Just doing my first project with Affinity Publisher and it's great, generally. Coming from InDesign, I'm amazed that Afinity Publisher search/replace has all these cool things like regex search etc., but something so basic as limiting your search to the text / table / text frame selected is missing.

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This issue has not been addressed in Publisher 1.9.0 so I'm adding my name to the growing list. It really is a major fail in Publisher that you can't limit find (and replace) in this fundamental way, especially since InDesign has always had it (you can limit your searches to Story – i.e. linked text boxes) and, if I remember the dim, distant days aright, so did Quark Express. Having to create a new document just so you can get rid of all the superfluous paragraph breaks in an imported PDF document strikes me as counter to the Affinity ethos. If, using Personas, I can tidy up a pic in Photo or create some simple artwork in Designer without leaving my Publisher document, why do I have to leave that document (and create another one) to do a simple find and replace in one article? 

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+ 1...

Damn, i don't have enough numbers on the keyboard!


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