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Return files to LR after Affinity Photo

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Hello all, please tell me how to send files back to LR after editing in Affinity Photo.  I can send them over ok but not return them,  thanks

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Hello  @It123,
I think the first steps are known, like an image from Lightroom to Affinity-Photo is handed over.

1. Edit with (user default)
2. Copy with the Lightroom settings (yes)
3. Edit Image in Affinity
4. Export the image as TIF-File in the same folder.

Note the following, the image must be saved as TIF - File and not as a TIFF- File.

Lightroomput immediately a TIF - File on handover, the TIF - File is overwritten after the export.

I hope this helps you further



Affinity Photo :  Affinity Photo-Beta :     Affinity Designer : Affinity Designer-Beta

Affinity Publisher-Beta       Windows 10 Pro  (Version  1809 Build 17763.437)


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