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[Aph] Frequent hanging when closing tabs

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Does anyone else get frequent hanging when closing tabs? This happens about once a day to me and I have to kill the application process in Task Manager, losing every other open unsaved document. :61_sob: I use the latest official release.

Affinity Photo for Windows Windows 10 x64 1803  CPU AMD Threadripper 1950X @3.9 Ghz  RAM 32 GB GPU GTX 1080 ti 11GB NVMe SSD Samsung 960 Pro 512 GB

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Hi Alex_M :)

This isn't something we're aware of, nor has been reported previously - it certainly isn't something I've encountered so I'm going to need some more information to investigate.

If you paste the following to a Run dialogue, are there any crash reports generated when you force quit your app?


Crash logs will be the easiest way to narrow down the cause, so if you could attach the latest 3 to your reply this would be more than useful.

Do you regularly follow the same workflow, or does this appear to happen at random? How many images (on average) do you have open at once?

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