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DAM for all Serif products with version control between document types

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A DAM that does more than photos, but covers all the digital assets from all its packages would go way beyond Lightroom.  But it could also go as far as maintaining version control between asset files e.g. which version of an Affinity Photo edit is used with which version of a Designer doc or Publisher doc. 

By maintaining referential integrity, it could for example warn you that deleting a version will break one of the other documents. Any changes to that version could be automatically replicated in those documents or the user could be given the option of creating a new version, or new versions automatically created if the referencing document is locked.

As a photographer, I would appreciate being able to lock down different versions of photos and the DAM keeping track of where it has been posted e.g. to Facebook, IG, Flickr, Squarespace, etc assuming export plugins are developed for those sites.  Similarly, I’d like to track which versions were used with different publishers, again assuming plugins are created. These plugins could also allow the publisher to pre-set the file export settings so that publishing for print or web becomes seamless.

There are lots of useful features that could be developed along the line of version control to help teams/companies manage complexity.

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